A MAGAZINE inspired in tradition, but specially in handmade toys. It is a publication for two types of target, children and grown ups. Those interested in falling off the new technologic wave in toy industry, young adults and not so old ones too. Our objective is for parents to share memorable time with their children, the ritual of going together to buy the publication, reading the articles, make the cards collection that comes with every number, and learning about not so long ago amusing simple toys.
Also, where you can find them nowadays in the search of a more ecologic/non-tech alternative for their children to enjoy playful time together, like when they use to be toddlers.The naming is inspired in mexican tradition of handcraft toys. Toys are a very representative way of expression in Mexico's towns. In the toys you can appreciate some of the characteristics of Mexico's villages like their ingenuity, humor and colorful. That is the reason of 'Alebrije', to travel a little bit back in time to our childhood, or even before, when playing and having fun did not required technology.