ART CATALOGUE about the latest work of artist Natalia Stachon. A strong but subtle grid seeks the cleanliness of her artwork, as well as the ethereal arquitectonic white atmosphere to which her work can carry, all brought into a book. The pause and clarity of her artwork is represented in the interior of the book, conversely, the industrial and cold side of her work is shown in the book container with a hard translucent material. The aim of this non-bind catalogue, is to invite the viewers to deeply immerse themselves into the images, and bring a small essence of her installations with you.
Then, be able to admire, compare or meditate more than one image at a time. In the interior, a grayscale line code was made as pagination during transitions while reading, and also a rhythm through the lecture. As well as an index code in the top-right of each artwork, to be reviewed at the end if wanted. Furthermore, a poster full of phrases shows the important role of literature in Stachon’s work, thus typography allows getting access to her art.
Awaiting Oblivion Exhibit
by Natalia Stachon